“Flesh of Stone” by Pamela A Goodwin


How’s everyone doing today? I would like to share a little excerpt from my fiction book titled, “Flesh of Stone.” Just to grab your attention about a woman living a double life as half human, half gargoyle.

Chapter 5

No one but a half human half gargoyle could understand what it was like to go through “the change.” The cells of gargoyles were strong. They were dominant. They were also said to “think” on their own. When these cells were ready to change a half human into a gargoyle, it just happened. Usually at the young age of five years old and up. No one really knows why. That’s just the way it is. Since this half human would most likely not know what is happening to his/her body, the mind begins to tell stories through dreams. Many think of them as nightmares. Few will put them together with their changing bodies and figure out what’s happening.

Chapter 6

“Please, please, please! It’s not safe for you here! Let go of me!”

Iceberg was instantly confused from the sound of something large flying above him to her crazed pleads of letting her go because it’s not safe for him. Forgetting all the anger he had felt towards her seconds before grabbing her arm, he became very concerned.

“What’s the matter baby? You in trouble? Someone after you?”

Another swoop from above. It was flying closer to them. Then it sounded like it landed on the ground somewhere in front of them. The darkness was pissing Iceberg off. Something serious was going on and he couldn’t see it. Abrial tried to pull from him but Iceberg pushed her towards her truck and told her to unlock the door. She was already holding the keys in her hand but she started putting them back inside her little purse when he mentioned them.

“No! You can’t be with me right now! I don’t know what it wants and I don’t want it to hurt you!”

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