New Book By My Girl!

My Black Men Picking Up Where I Left Off

My home girl, Bugs B. ,has a new book out that is the second to her first “My Black Men”. Congratulations woman!

In her new book, she picks up where she left off talking about the new relationships that she has had. I believe the year is in 2014 where she started the book from. New flames and Old Flames have returned and the way she tries to handle the situation, by taking some of her own advice, is very Admiral of her.

She is truly a woman who lives by her own words. By either giving people another chance, expressing to them how she feels, and also being considerate of their feelings and still trying to be a support system. But as we all know, shit tends to happen. No matter what we try to do or how hard we work at it, some things were just not meant to be the way we wanted them to be.

Her paper bag is available on as well as her Kindle version. You can purchase the paperback for $13.99, and the Kindle version is $0.99. Order your copy today and see what experiences you two may have in common in past relationships. And how you may have been able to handle them differently. You can follow her on her Facebook page at: Author, Bugs B.

A Good Read For Women And Men

My Black Men by Bugs B

I read this book a while ago and loved it. Not because the author, Bugs B., talks about all the bad things she’s experienced in her past relationships, but because I was able to relate to some of the things she’s experienced. My daughter’s father was physically abusive towards me. One of my exes didn’t care how I felt when he didn’t come home all night. And feeling mistreated. Hell yeah I loved reading this book!

But it wasn’t about all the bad. No no. There’s some good stuff in this book too. Like the sex she had. And when the cop knocked on the car window before they got naked. And when she was being stared at in middle school by a boy who liked her, but he stared at her as if his name was Hannibal Lecter and she was laid out at the dinner table. Too funny!

She also gives a little advice. She helped me to better process my feelings and understand now, what I didn’t then. Her opening up in a book about her relationships made me feel better about mine. Seriously.  Her book was great for me to read. Check it out!! There’s a Kindle version too for $0.99 on Amazon.

Facebook: Author Bugs B

Book Trailer For My Black Men

What People Won’t Do


Pamela The Author’s Website

My urban fiction book, What People Won’t Do, is filled with sex, family drama, and life choices when a young woman gets her first sugar daddy.

Going to Vegas with her friends was cool. Meeting someone with a lot of money was better. But getting past him being albino with a money hungry mother is the problem.

Visit my website and take advantage of my early Black Friday deal. Order your signed paperback for $10 till Saturday night! Want Kindle? Visit Amazon to order at regular price.

My First Book Fair

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Hey hey heey! How’s it going? April 30, 2016 I had my first book fair at the Black Writers on Tour Expo in Carson, Ca. It was awesome! I loved every second of it. For those who never been to a book fair before, let me tell you how mine went.

I arrived at 7:30 a.m. to set up. I didn’t have much. I brought ten books with me. I was already told that authors tend not to sell too many books. And I didn’t want to look stupid with twenty five books sitting on the table. I had a stand to put my book on so that the cover could be clearly seen by people walking by. I had my bookmarks spread out over the table like confetti. It looked great.

The one thing I will say I wish I had, was a card reader. I noticed some of the other authors swiping credit cards with the Square card reader on their cell phones. Since I’ve been home, I ordered myself one so the next book fair I got to in Sacramento will be more of a killer! A few people asked me if I had a card reader and I had to say no. Never again.

The people who did buy my book received a nice message, a “thank you” and my signature written inside. And a bookmark matching the cover. I had my Facebook page on the bookmark and wrote down my email address if they asked for one. I loved talking to them about my Urban Fiction book (What People Won’t Do) and my other books as well. They were really interested in it. They took my bookmarks and I know they will order the paperback or Kindle at a later time. Oh yes, I love book fairs!

One lady came all the way from South Carolina and did not have a good turn out. Out of my ten books, I sold five. I’m happy with that. For the next one. I don’t plan on changing a thing. It went good enough for me. Oh! I will take more pictures!  The direct link to order my book

I published a book on my birthday!

Yes, today is a special day for me. Not just because I turned 32 today. But because I also published a book on my birthday. Cool huh?

My urban fiction is titled, “What People Won’t Do”. A young woman, Chancy, takes a trip to Vegas with some friends. She meets a guy, Eamon, who’s albino and far from attractive to her. He has money and will spend it on her as long as she gives him affection and sex.

Not knowing how things will turn out with him, it gets serious when he moves her closer to him and into her own house. Just as things look like they’ll keep getting better for her, she meets his mother. Who is instantly not a fan of Chancy, because she sees her as an interference to getting money from her own son.

Chancy but heads with Eamon’s mother, Ezra, in the worse ways. A fight between the family members seem to happen all the time. She has grown close to Eamon and see how important she is to him. Should she keep fighting to stay with him, or will he take his mother out the picture for Chancy?

The book is available online for purchase and the Kindle version will be ready in a few days. Go ahead and order your paperback copy today! Follow me on Facebook at

What People Won't Do

Kindle Countdown Deal For, “My Black Men”, for $0.99

My Black Men Cover

I want to support a friend of mine and give light to her book, My Black Men. Her name is Bugs B and she writes about her personal experiences in her past relationships with Black men. She is a Black woman herself, but has been with only Black men.

In this book, she talks about the things she’s been through. From one of her exes stealing her rent money, to sex in her mother’s truck. Going back to high school, she can remember the boy she didn’t like showing her more interest than she wanted. After a while, she gave in and started dating him.

I have read this book myself and I love how she wrote it as if she’s having a conversation with a close friend. It was nice seeing a different writing style she does wonderfully. It made me feel as if I were her closest friend, sitting at the table, listening to her tell me about these men!

She almost made me feel better about the things I’ve experienced in my own relationships. She made me feel that I was not alone. These types of things can happen to anyone. Even how she expresses her thoughts helped me to better understand what I went though with my ex boyfriends. Reading her book made me feel better on so many levels. And the fact that she now has two kids of her own, it made it easier to relate.

This Kindle Countdown Deal starts today and ends June 6. Order it now for your device while it’s $0.99 and learn what some women and men go through with each other.

Her Facebook page is