A Good Read For Women And Men

My Black Men by Bugs B

I read this book a while ago and loved it. Not because the author, Bugs B., talks about all the bad things she’s experienced in her past relationships, but because I was able to relate to some of the things she’s experienced. My daughter’s father was physically abusive towards me. One of my exes didn’t care how I felt when he didn’t come home all night. And feeling mistreated. Hell yeah I loved reading this book!

But it wasn’t about all the bad. No no. There’s some good stuff in this book too. Like the sex she had. And when the cop knocked on the car window before they got naked. And when she was being stared at in middle school by a boy who liked her, but he stared at her as if his name was Hannibal Lecter and she was laid out at the dinner table. Too funny!

She also gives a little advice. She helped me to better process my feelings and understand now, what I didn’t then. Her opening up in a book about her relationships made me feel better about mine. Seriously.  Her book was great for me to read. Check it out!! There’s a Kindle version too for $0.99 on Amazon.

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Kindle Countdown Deal For, “My Black Men”, for $0.99

My Black Men Cover

I want to support a friend of mine and give light to her book, My Black Men. Her name is Bugs B and she writes about her personal experiences in her past relationships with Black men. She is a Black woman herself, but has been with only Black men.

In this book, she talks about the things she’s been through. From one of her exes stealing her rent money, to sex in her mother’s truck. Going back to high school, she can remember the boy she didn’t like showing her more interest than she wanted. After a while, she gave in and started dating him.

I have read this book myself and I love how she wrote it as if she’s having a conversation with a close friend. It was nice seeing a different writing style she does wonderfully. It made me feel as if I were her closest friend, sitting at the table, listening to her tell me about these men!

She almost made me feel better about the things I’ve experienced in my own relationships. She made me feel that I was not alone. These types of things can happen to anyone. Even how she expresses her thoughts helped me to better understand what I went though with my ex boyfriends. Reading her book made me feel better on so many levels. And the fact that she now has two kids of her own, it made it easier to relate.

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