Crochet Apparel

Hey hey! How’s it shaken’? So I have really been making the best of thus lock down by crocheting and I have built up my apparel line! It went from beanie hats to ponchos, and now I have throws, baby blankets and market bags.

I recently decided that the Turkish yarn I was gifted would make some great baby dresses. So I will get started on that this week. I am so excited! I now have a lot of products for my website and hope I can reach new potential customers before the weather change. I will be making new shawls in a few months!

Checkout my website and share! I’m sure someone out there would like a crochet baby blanket or beanie hat soon. I do take custom orders and I ship through USPS.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

New Book Cover!

What did I tell ya? I’m publishing the sequel to my urban fiction, What People Won’t Do, June 15, 2018! It will be available on Amazon for $10.99. I will also have a presale of the book on my site for $6 June 13, after 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. I will have 5 copies available for order, for 5 lucky people! I’m also having a sale for the first book on my site. And just so you know, I do not charge tax or shipping on my site. Order from me and save!

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Father’s Day Sale



Father’s Day Discount!

                       Who Wants $5 Off Their Purchase Of $15 Or More?

As an author of fiction books, I know how it feels to want to buy more than one book. You’re looking at the books stacked up in your arms, or the number on the shopping cart online. You think about saving a little money with all these books you want.

I got you covered! Since this month is Father’s Day, here is a coupon for you to save $5 on my site. I have plenty that might interest you. Urban fiction, fantasy fiction, horror fiction, and a nonfiction too. Oh, I have beaded jewelry on there too. Check it out and see what you might find for you or someone else. You can also buy e-gift cards for my site for yourself or anyone else. Click the link at the top of my website and purchase the amount you want.

Happy month of June!

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New Book By My Girl!

My Black Men Picking Up Where I Left Off

My home girl, Bugs B. ,has a new book out that is the second to her first “My Black Men”. Congratulations woman!

In her new book, she picks up where she left off talking about the new relationships that she has had. I believe the year is in 2014 where she started the book from. New flames and Old Flames have returned and the way she tries to handle the situation, by taking some of her own advice, is very Admiral of her.

She is truly a woman who lives by her own words. By either giving people another chance, expressing to them how she feels, and also being considerate of their feelings and still trying to be a support system. But as we all know, shit tends to happen. No matter what we try to do or how hard we work at it, some things were just not meant to be the way we wanted them to be.

Her paper bag is available on as well as her Kindle version. You can purchase the paperback for $13.99, and the Kindle version is $0.99. Order your copy today and see what experiences you two may have in common in past relationships. And how you may have been able to handle them differently. You can follow her on her Facebook page at: Author, Bugs B.

A Good Read For Women And Men

My Black Men by Bugs B

I read this book a while ago and loved it. Not because the author, Bugs B., talks about all the bad things she’s experienced in her past relationships, but because I was able to relate to some of the things she’s experienced. My daughter’s father was physically abusive towards me. One of my exes didn’t care how I felt when he didn’t come home all night. And feeling mistreated. Hell yeah I loved reading this book!

But it wasn’t about all the bad. No no. There’s some good stuff in this book too. Like the sex she had. And when the cop knocked on the car window before they got naked. And when she was being stared at in middle school by a boy who liked her, but he stared at her as if his name was Hannibal Lecter and she was laid out at the dinner table. Too funny!

She also gives a little advice. She helped me to better process my feelings and understand now, what I didn’t then. Her opening up in a book about her relationships made me feel better about mine. Seriously. ¬†Her book was great for me to read. Check it out!! There’s a Kindle version too for $0.99 on Amazon.

Facebook: Author Bugs B

Book Trailer For My Black Men

What People Won’t Do


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My urban fiction book, What People Won’t Do, is filled with sex, family drama, and life choices when a young woman gets her first sugar daddy.

Going to Vegas with her friends was cool. Meeting someone with a lot of money was better. But getting past him being albino with a money hungry mother is the problem.

Visit my website and take advantage of my early Black Friday deal. Order your signed paperback for $10 till Saturday night! Want Kindle? Visit Amazon to order at regular price.

Support Small Businesses

Pamela The Author’s Website

Everyone has their favorite places they like to shop for many different reasons. But few don’t think about the little reasons they should shop with small businesses.

Just think. How much money do companies like Walmart and Macy’s make a day? Just a day. Now what about those smaller stores? Can you imagine how much profit they make a day?

Small businesses are part of the food chain and the community. Even more for the community,  because they are on a smaller scale and can give more attention and  courtesy to their customers. When was the last time you went to a large store, and needed customer service? How long did it take for you to get customer service? How easy was it for them to alert a manager or an employee for your needs?

What I’m saying is, support a small business sometimes. It helps more people than you think, even you in the long run. I have had some very pleasant shopping experiences at small businesses. They made me feel very welcomed and my business with them were greatly appreciated.

This holiday, support a few small businesses by doing your holiday shopping with them. For example, buying a book from my website as a gift is very economical for a reader. And it will help me support my kids, and the economy. Plus USPS will be happy to see me walking in with packages to ship. It’s a cycle!

Try something new this year with your holiday shopping!

I Got My Website Up!!

Pamela The Author’s Website

So Square sent me an email about a month ago, saying that I can create a website with them. I wasn’t interested at the time, but being an author of fiction books comma it later dawned on me that I need to have my website. So I finally took a few days to learn how to create it, which was fairly simple to do through them by myself, and I’m proud to say that I have my website up and running!

So now I have the fun task of promoting my website and making sure I keep books in stock. The cool thing about having Square with my website, I can put the inventory of books and comma and if I run out of books on hand, it will automatically take that product off the site until I have ordered more books.

I really love this through Square because it allows me to sign my books and ship them to my readers, giving me a nice little fan club. And also making it more personal for the readers will buy my paperback books.

If you use Square for your small business, and you not have your own website yet, you should look into it. I’m glad I did.

I love using Square to run my business! Process $1,000 without fees when you activate with my invite link:


National Black Book Festival 2016

So I’m here! Houston is feeling good so far and I’m very excited to be here with all the other authors, promoting my books.

My urban fiction, What People Won’t Do, is my pride and joy. Come by Fallbrook Church today and tomorrow for your signed copy of one of my books!