Labor Day Sale on Books!

Pamela The Author

Good morning! I am having a Labor Day sale on my website until September 4th! All of my books are $6 each. I do not charge for shipping and there are no sales taxes! Visit my site and choose from fantasy fiction, Urban fiction, horror fiction, and nonfiction. The handmade beaded jewelry are regularly priced. Items ordered will be shipped in 2 days.

Fantasy Fiction Readers

The Empress Land Of Water.

I have completed my trilogy book, The Empress Land Of Water, and I can’t wait to get feedback from readers. I love how this story turned out and I’m excited to present it to everyone!

In this book, the Empress sails with Ganois to add her uncle’s land to his nation. But they are faced with his personal issues with his wife. They are able to add the new nation to the Empire, but it is challenged again while the Empress is in labor before her wedding is finished.

As in the previous books, there is fighting, killing, and issues between the characters that give the book twists and turns in so many directions. Sataya is now faced with her daughter running off to be with a prince, who the Royals know nothing about. Lading is beginning to come to terms with Duggy as a committed couple. And there is still an issue between Sataya and the Empress. Heads are butting even harder now.

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My 8th Book Is Published! !

The Empress Land Of Water

Last night was a great moment for me! I smoothly published my 8th book! The trilogy to The Empress is ready, Land Of Water.

It picks up with the emperor, Ganois, getting ready to sail off to meet the Empress’ uncle, Shockta, to make an arrangement for his people to become party of the Empire. After arriving, Ganois and the Empress are hit with the physical abuse Shockta has been dealing with from his pregnant wife, Nome. After fights break out and she is attacked by a shark, Shockta sends her back home to stay with her people. Ganois and the Empress head home a day later.

After returning home and telling her soon to be husband, Onix, that she is pregnant,  the Empress goes into labor at their wedding. It is this moment she realizes that they might be under attack from ships coming to the Empire. But really, they are searching for her uncle Shockta.

Not giving into the demands of the devil worshippers, a battle breaks out and the Empire has to fight while the Empress is in labor. Soon after she delivers, she gets into the fight and sends more souls down to hell. But what now?

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Oakland First Friday

Well hello everyone!  I have been so busy with my books and promoting them. I’ve done a few events signing and selling them. Thank God I have a Square card reader, which has really been helping me with my book business a lot!

I am currently working on my trilogy for, The Empress, and will be done in three weeks. I’m excited about it! I’m also excited about something new I’m doing. On my Facebook page,

I am taking addresses for people who would like to order signed copies of my books from me. Message me your address and I will send you an order form with a list and short description of my books. Yes, I want to do more for my readers as my fan base continues to grow.

This Friday,  July 1,2016, I will be in Downtown Oakland promoting my books for First Friday! If you live in the Oakland area or close to it, come see this California girl!

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Kindle Countdown Deal, “The Empress” , for $0.99!

The Empress

Evening good people! I want to inform you who are readers of Fantasy books, I have a good deal for you! Starting May 22, my Fantasy book titled, The Empress, will be priced at $0.99 for one week! You will be able to download and read it the same day for under $1.00.

This Kindle Countdown Deal is one of a few that I will be having coming up. To see other books by me, visit my Amazon Author Page at

Now back to the book at hand! The Emperor Ganois is murdered by his servant, who then takes over the Empire and destroys it. A girl of the Empire, Amber, has strange dreams that she doesn’t understand. It becomes clear when a creature approaches her outside her hut and places a gold bangle bracelet on her arm. When she’s taken to the castle, she finds out more than she knew was going on.

She learns that she is to become a Hell Cat. With powers given to her from the Devil himself. Her responsibility is to punish and dethrone the servant who murdered Ganois. As her powers become stronger, she tries to hold onto her human side as much as she can. After she brings the Emperor back from the dead, she finally sends the servant to hell after one last torture of his heart and soul.

The sequel to this book, The Empress Challengers of the Empire, is already in the Kindle Countdown Deal NOW. Both books will be on sale starting tomorrow morning with Kindle. Here are their links for ordering:

The Empress

The Empress Challengers of the Empire

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Kindle Countdown Deal for $0.99!

Yes it’s true, one of my books has a Kindle Countdown Deal that started today. It is the sequel to my first book which is a Fantasy. It is titled, The Empress Challengers of the Empire.

Now that the Empress has brought Ganois, the beast emperor, back from the dead, it is time to get things back on track. But news has been spreading about the Empire not belonging to Ganois anymore. People have come to take it. Only finding out too late that the Emperor is back.

Using her powers to protect the Empire, the Empress becomes more stronger and less human. Deep inside she still has a little bit left of the person she used to be. Things are getting more serious with her and one of the princes. Maybe this is what she needs to keep her human part alive.

This book is filled with sex, killing, thrills, and action. Yeah, some cussing too. Gotta have a little of that for my readers who want to feel like they’re reading an adult book! Order it now for $0.99 before the price goes up in one week!

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New Version, Same Great Story

Like I explained before, I would be making changes to better my writing career. I decided to change publishers, so here is my first book ever published with a new cover! I really enjoyed writing this book because it was a dream that I had several years ago as a child. This is the story behind it.

The main character was really me. I had times that I was upset with the people around me. I used to wish that I could obtain some kind of evil power, fueled by my anger, and do horrible things to those people to make myself feel better. I had a lot of anger in me at times, and this dream is what I would have at times.

Now, of course I made changes to the story when it came time to turn it into a book. I am very happy with those changes. Do I still feel this way sometimes? Hell yes I do. I’m a Gemini.

Please feel free to order this copy and the sequel, The Empress Challengers of the Empire. After reading the first book, you will want to know what happens next now that the Emperor is back. Follow me at