Crochet Apparel

Hey hey! How’s it shaken’? So I have really been making the best of thus lock down by crocheting and I have built up my apparel line! It went from beanie hats to ponchos, and now I have throws, baby blankets and market bags.

I recently decided that the Turkish yarn I was gifted would make some great baby dresses. So I will get started on that this week. I am so excited! I now have a lot of products for my website and hope I can reach new potential customers before the weather change. I will be making new shawls in a few months!

Checkout my website and share! I’m sure someone out there would like a crochet baby blanket or beanie hat soon. I do take custom orders and I ship through USPS.                              

What a way to shelter in place

Pamela The Author’s Store

So how is everyone holding out with this shelter-in-place? I have been able to do a lot of crocheting, and I love it! I have been trying new Stitches and designs. I have several shawls and ponchos made and plenty more are in the works! I am so glad I have stockpiled yarn just waiting to be made into something beautiful.


My website looks wonderful with all of my creative creations. I am so happy that I am able to have a place of my own, LOL, to display my beautiful projects. And I cannot wait to create more. Take a visit to my website and see if there’s anything you like. Might as well keep yourself busy with online browsing.


I highly recommend that anyone can take up crocheting. YouTube has been very helpful with teaching me how to create new designs. I’m even getting ready to start creating bags and purses with yarn. Much much more to come!