Put your hobby to work

Yes, I love to crochet! And I got busy with my skill at the end of September in 2019. I realize that the weather was changing and it was being cold. So why not make something people will need to stay warm, and enjoy doing it at the same time?

And here they are. My beautiful creations. I have crocheted lovely beanie hats and beautiful scarves. And I’ve already decided, that I will begin crocheting shawls for the new cold season in this November. I’m going to make sure I have enough merchandise ready for my website.

I’ve even been on YouTube watching videos on new patterns. My favorite ones are the granny squares and what has been called, The Log Cabin pattern. I can’t wait to get started! As soon as I finish this last order of a black and gray beanie hat and scarf set.

Go ahead and visit my website by clicking the highlighted link below and see if there is anything you would like. Towards the end of February, I will be having a sale on my beanie hats.

Beanie Hats To Enjoy

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