Piggy Banks From My Hands

Message_1559356730878Message_1558986534634.jpg   Not only am I an author of fiction books, my creativity goes a long way. I had an idea a few months ago for making clay piggy banks. I love piggy banks myself. It’s an easy way to save that loose change that becomes major doe. And my kids feel rich after theirs has filled up.

After many months of watching videos on how to make clay piggy banks, I decided to go to Michael’s Arts and Crafts to buy my supplies. I will say right now, after seeing the prices of the things I needed, I walked out and bought them online for a lot cheaper.

I’m still learning how to work with the air dry clay. Things start off great with the shape then the clay, still being fresh and soft, starts to lean and sink in. But a friend suggested using balloons to help hold the shape of the pig’s body till it dries. Oh yeah! That REALLY helped! Thanks Jan!

I have a lot of ideas for more banks. This is really fun and relaxing. I hope that people will see my banks and love the creativity. For the ones that are “pre-balloon”, I decided to make them a funny pig. One of them lost it’s shape while it was drying. Instead of throwing it away, I painted on its side, “pay me to get in shape”. Another bank that leaned to the side whike drying, making the legs look funny, I painted on its side, “happy hour funds”, and drew its eyes like it was drunk.

I made the best out of my pigs deformities. Like my coffee mug that also leaned to the side. It was one of my very first clay pieces that did not cone out smooth. I painted on it,”I had a grinding day”. Pretty good huh?

Creativity goes a long way. Especially when you have to improvise. I love my Frankenstein monster piggy banks. They helped me learn how to work with air dry clay and how to increase my creative side and expand my problem solving thinking. Like a puzzle.

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