Father’s Day Discount!

                       Who Wants $5 Off Their Purchase Of $15 Or More?

As an author of fiction books, I know how it feels to want to buy more than one book. You’re looking at the books stacked up in your arms, or the number on the shopping cart online. You think about saving a little money with all these books you want.

I got you covered! Since this month is Father’s Day, here is a coupon for you to save $5 on my site. I have plenty that might interest you. Urban fiction, fantasy fiction, horror fiction, and a nonfiction too. Oh, I have beaded jewelry on there too. Check it out and see what you might find for you or someone else. You can also buy e-gift cards for my site for yourself or anyone else. Click the link at the top of my website and purchase the amount you want.

Happy month of June!

Pamela The Author Website

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