Inspiration or Therapy

Inspiration or Therapy

When you think of poetry, what comes to your mind about it? Do you think of poetry as being inspiration or therapy? I feel that it all depends on whether you’re looking for inspiration or therapy, or if the poetry you read is for a different reason. A different reason like inner thought.

When poetry is considered inspiration, it is because it makes a person self-reflect on their life, and they can relate to the poetry. It gives them a sense of hope, or maybe it uplifts their spirits and makes them feel more at ease and less stressed.  I’ve heard some poems being read, and because of the tone and life that was put into the poems,they really gave me a cold chill inside my body that left me feeling like a new person. A new person that I needed to feel at that moment.

When poetry is considered as therapy, it does more for a person’s mental state of mind, I believe. How many times have you had a bad day, and that one person said something to you that made you feel like the rest of the day is going to be so much better, because of that one or two things that was said to you? It was almost like a small therapy session to help strengthen your mental state, so that you can continue through the rest of your day as a well-balanced person. Poetry does that for some people who needs to get their mind on to a better step that is higher than the last step.

In terms of my poetry book, An Expression Of My Feelings, my book can be either inspiration or therapy for whom ever it best suits. I reflect on being a mother in a poetic way in this book. I think of how a man in my life has made me feel less of a person, and more like a warm entity enjoying a human. If a person is looking for inspiration, they can find that in my book. If another person is looking for therapy, they can also find that in my book too. Mainly because this book was therapy for me. Giving me a different way to look at my life and the life of others. Helping me to see more Beauty that I have not seen before, because I did not take the time to step back and appreciate it.

At 56 pages, this book is worth the read no matter what you’re looking to get from it. Inspiration. Therapy. Entertainment. Love and appreciation for life. Or even just the enjoyment of reading a form of poetry from an author. Just be prepared for my inner thoughts on some of the simplest things most people do not think twice about at times! Lol

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New Poetry

An Expression Of My Feelings

Hello peps! How have you been? Have a good day?

Well I’m here to rave about my poetry book that was just published. And like all my books, it was published with Createspace. This book is $8 and a little over 50 page. 56 I believe. In this book I randomly express my thoughts,  feelings, and expressions in the form of poetry.

From chocolate candy, to motherhood, then the man in my life. I have a few things that are poetically written in there. This is my attempt at something I really didn’t want to get into, but after thinking about how descriptive I am with writing my other books, it was almost poetic in a sense. So I said, why the hell not?

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