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The Empress Land of Water Book Trailer

One thing I love about writing and Publishing a book, is promoting it. And one of my favorite things about promoting my books, are the book trailers! Book trailers are awesome for promoting your book. Because they give more than just words for readers to gain interest in.

I really prefer that my book trailers have pictures in them to give the readers something to go by when Imagining the characters. But that is not always needed. This book trailer does not have pictures. Only words and music. But the most important things are, it talks about the author, the book, and show the book cover.

Book trailers do not have to be extra extravagant. As long as they catch some kind of Interest in the viewer, and give some information of what the book is about. Check out my book trailer and give me some feedback on your thoughts!

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Fantasy Fiction Readers

The Empress Land Of Water.

I have completed my trilogy book, The Empress Land Of Water, and I can’t wait to get feedback from readers. I love how this story turned out and I’m excited to present it to everyone!

In this book, the Empress sails with Ganois to add her uncle’s land to his nation. But they are faced with his personal issues with his wife. They are able to add the new nation to the Empire, but it is challenged again while the Empress is in labor before her wedding is finished.

As in the previous books, there is fighting, killing, and issues between the characters that give the book twists and turns in so many directions. Sataya is now faced with her daughter running off to be with a prince, who the Royals know nothing about. Lading is beginning to come to terms with Duggy as a committed couple. And there is still an issue between Sataya and the Empress. Heads are butting even harder now.

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My 8th Book Is Published! !

The Empress Land Of Water

Last night was a great moment for me! I smoothly published my 8th book! The trilogy to The Empress is ready, Land Of Water.

It picks up with the emperor, Ganois, getting ready to sail off to meet the Empress’ uncle, Shockta, to make an arrangement for his people to become party of the Empire. After arriving, Ganois and the Empress are hit with the physical abuse Shockta has been dealing with from his pregnant wife, Nome. After fights break out and she is attacked by a shark, Shockta sends her back home to stay with her people. Ganois and the Empress head home a day later.

After returning home and telling her soon to be husband, Onix, that she is pregnant,  the Empress goes into labor at their wedding. It is this moment she realizes that they might be under attack from ships coming to the Empire. But really, they are searching for her uncle Shockta.

Not giving into the demands of the devil worshippers, a battle breaks out and the Empire has to fight while the Empress is in labor. Soon after she delivers, she gets into the fight and sends more souls down to hell. But what now?

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Another Event, Another Book Sold.

Yup! Here I am with my 4 foot table and numerous books at the Oakland First Fridays! As a self published author, it’s very important to be at such events. Especially when the events are in your hometown. People are very excited to meet an author from their hometown as well. It gives them bragging rights.

And just think! You are showing pride in your town and community. Why not? Get that exposure. Gain them fans. Show them your face and what you have been working on. You being there is another helping hand to make a community event worth wild.

Support your community, and they will support you!! 20160701_152753_HDR