Giving Her Props!

I have to give a very good friend of mine, Bugs B., her credit for the great progress she’s had selling her books at book fairs. One of her books, My Black Men, has really been selling at the events! Men and women have been curious about what experiences she’s had in her relationships from her past. Here’s an excerpt:

“There are times when you have a choice of house how to deal with a person in a relationship. It is either based on actions or feelings. I feel it’s best to use both. Actions are the most important because they show a person’s character and quality. You cannot reward a person with bad character with all the tea. I can say that my unnamed ex was just that. He wanted to do whatever he wanted, however he wanted, regardless of how he knew it affected me.”

I love the fact that she opens up and makes me connect with her, through personal experiences I too have had. I love it!

” I told him like a day or two later after he got off work that I didn’t think we should talk anymore because of what he told me. I didn’t want to sit around waiting for him to break It To Me Gently. For him to feel like that made me feel that he still had feelings for her that has not and probably would not go away. He shouldn’t have gotten involved with someone else if he still felt for her. I hated to be in the middle like that. Why go through all that, just to turn around so easy, after someone else got their feelings into you tomorrow I was pissed and hurt. I feel my world was lost and dreams tossed out the window.”

Bugs B. is a nonfiction author who shares her personal experiences for people to relate to and enjoy reading. Her Facebook page is:


Confusing books are actually Clever

Confusing books are actually Clever


    Quick throwback to when I read The Raven Boys, and LOVED it despite the many, many sub-plots, often complex, in it. While The Raven Boys had me running back and forth (not physically..), in an attempt to catch up with the intricate details, SIB had me hunting for something with the name of, a plot. Though SIB differs from it in several ways, they both were similar in the need for organization.

 Even so, there are some pretty clever elements hidden in the core of this book, which, you can catch at the end of this review. Stay tuned.

Somewhere In Between by Katie Li | Book review #9

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She fights the sun every day even though she knows it’s a battle she’ll never win.

   The book starts out with a small snippet of a day in the life of our two main characters, Magnolia…

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Oakland First Friday

Well hello everyone!  I have been so busy with my books and promoting them. I’ve done a few events signing and selling them. Thank God I have a Square card reader, which has really been helping me with my book business a lot!

I am currently working on my trilogy for, The Empress, and will be done in three weeks. I’m excited about it! I’m also excited about something new I’m doing. On my Facebook page,

I am taking addresses for people who would like to order signed copies of my books from me. Message me your address and I will send you an order form with a list and short description of my books. Yes, I want to do more for my readers as my fan base continues to grow.

This Friday,  July 1,2016, I will be in Downtown Oakland promoting my books for First Friday! If you live in the Oakland area or close to it, come see this California girl!

Checkout my fantasy book, The Empress, and get ready for the new trilogy!