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What People Won't Do

Good morning from Oakland, Ca! How is everyone today? I’m here to let everyone know that my new book, “What People Won’t Do”, is available on Kindle. For $3.99 you can enjoy my first urban fiction on your device.

Here’s what you’re in store for. . .

Chancy is a young girl from Oakland who would love to have a man take care of her and spoil her. Just like the other girls she have seen walking around all dolled up, talking about their sugar daddy. When she does meet someone willing to spoil her, he’s not as handsome as she would have loved. He’s an albino named Eamon.

She grits her teeth as she deals with him in Vegas for a good time but does not expect things to carry on when she goes back home. When they do, she begins to grow feelings for him. Maybe it has to be from the crazy sex they have all the time. Or it could be the bond that develops between them.

Trying to keep her safe from harm in Oakland, he moves her out to his city in Southern California. She accepts him as more than her sugar daddy but his mother rejects her because she’s become a threat to her. Eamon’s mother, Ezra, wants him to spend his money on only her and not the women he meets.

This book has a lot of crazy, sex, fights, and drama inside. Just like an urban fiction should. Click on this link to order your copy

I published a book on my birthday!

Yes, today is a special day for me. Not just because I turned 32 today. But because I also published a book on my birthday. Cool huh?

My urban fiction is titled, “What People Won’t Do”. A young woman, Chancy, takes a trip to Vegas with some friends. She meets a guy, Eamon, who’s albino and far from attractive to her. He has money and will spend it on her as long as she gives him affection and sex.

Not knowing how things will turn out with him, it gets serious when he moves her closer to him and into her own house. Just as things look like they’ll keep getting better for her, she meets his mother. Who is instantly not a fan of Chancy, because she sees her as an interference to getting money from her own son.

Chancy but heads with Eamon’s mother, Ezra, in the worse ways. A fight between the family members seem to happen all the time. She has grown close to Eamon and see how important she is to him. Should she keep fighting to stay with him, or will he take his mother out the picture for Chancy?

The book is available online for purchase and the Kindle version will be ready in a few days. Go ahead and order your paperback copy today! Follow me on Facebook at

What People Won't Do