Kindle Countdown Deal For, “My Black Men”, for $0.99

My Black Men Cover

I want to support a friend of mine and give light to her book, My Black Men. Her name is Bugs B and she writes about her personal experiences in her past relationships with Black men. She is a Black woman herself, but has been with only Black men.

In this book, she talks about the things she’s been through. From one of her exes stealing her rent money, to sex in her mother’s truck. Going back to high school, she can remember the boy she didn’t like showing her more interest than she wanted. After a while, she gave in and started dating him.

I have read this book myself and I love how she wrote it as if she’s having a conversation with a close friend. It was nice seeing a different writing style she does wonderfully. It made me feel as if I were her closest friend, sitting at the table, listening to her tell me about these men!

She almost made me feel better about the things I’ve experienced in my own relationships. She made me feel that I was not alone. These types of things can happen to anyone. Even how she expresses her thoughts helped me to better understand what I went though with my ex boyfriends. Reading her book made me feel better on so many levels. And the fact that she now has two kids of her own, it made it easier to relate.

This Kindle Countdown Deal starts today and ends June 6. Order it now for your device while it’s $0.99 and learn what some women and men go through with each other.

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Today Is The Day For “Flesh of Stone” Kindle Countdown Deal!

Flesh of Stone Cover

As I have said before, this is the first day of seven that my fiction book about a half human, half gargoyle woman, will be available for $0.99 on Kindle at 8 am!

Abrial has a good life with her seven kids. They’re living a life of luxury. Things are going so good with her current boyfriend that it hurts her heart when she has to runaway to France  to keep her family secret from him. She’s half human, half gargoyle.

Tracking her down then finding her was the last thing she thought Iceberg would do. But she does have two of his kids. Why wouldn’t he? The timing is all wrong when he finally confronts her in France. A full blood gargoyle has found her and approaches her when he confronts her. What will he do now?

This book is exciting with a little bit of funny to it and a lot of “oh wow!”  You can’t lose  with a price of $0.99 for a whole week. This deal ends June 3. Visit this link to order from Amazon

Kindle Countdown Deal, “Flesh of Stone” by Pamela A Goodwin

Flesh of Stone Cover

Hey there! How has your day been? My day has been crazy. Catching a flight back from South Carolina at five in the morning. Yeah, I slept for hours when I got back home.

Well there’s a picture of my book up there because its Kindle Countdown Deal starts May 27 at 8 am till June 3 at 12 am. During this time, you can click on this link

and order a copy of my book fiction book for $0.99 on Amazon.

This book, Flesh of Stone, is a story about a woman who is living a secret life as half human half gargoyle. When one of her seven kids start changing into a gargoyle, she runs away to France to keep the family secret from her boyfriend. He tracks her down in France, and learns that a full blooded gargoyle wants to make her his companion. All of this overwhelms him but he is determined to hold onto his family he created with her.

Also, the Kindle Countdown Deal for, The Empress, is still going on till May 29. Order it for $0.99

The Empress

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Kindle Countdown Deal, “The Empress” , for $0.99!

The Empress

Evening good people! I want to inform you who are readers of Fantasy books, I have a good deal for you! Starting May 22, my Fantasy book titled, The Empress, will be priced at $0.99 for one week! You will be able to download and read it the same day for under $1.00.

This Kindle Countdown Deal is one of a few that I will be having coming up. To see other books by me, visit my Amazon Author Page at

Now back to the book at hand! The Emperor Ganois is murdered by his servant, who then takes over the Empire and destroys it. A girl of the Empire, Amber, has strange dreams that she doesn’t understand. It becomes clear when a creature approaches her outside her hut and places a gold bangle bracelet on her arm. When she’s taken to the castle, she finds out more than she knew was going on.

She learns that she is to become a Hell Cat. With powers given to her from the Devil himself. Her responsibility is to punish and dethrone the servant who murdered Ganois. As her powers become stronger, she tries to hold onto her human side as much as she can. After she brings the Emperor back from the dead, she finally sends the servant to hell after one last torture of his heart and soul.

The sequel to this book, The Empress Challengers of the Empire, is already in the Kindle Countdown Deal NOW. Both books will be on sale starting tomorrow morning with Kindle. Here are their links for ordering:

The Empress

The Empress Challengers of the Empire

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Kindle Countdown Deal for $0.99!

Yes it’s true, one of my books has a Kindle Countdown Deal that started today. It is the sequel to my first book which is a Fantasy. It is titled, The Empress Challengers of the Empire.

Now that the Empress has brought Ganois, the beast emperor, back from the dead, it is time to get things back on track. But news has been spreading about the Empire not belonging to Ganois anymore. People have come to take it. Only finding out too late that the Emperor is back.

Using her powers to protect the Empire, the Empress becomes more stronger and less human. Deep inside she still has a little bit left of the person she used to be. Things are getting more serious with her and one of the princes. Maybe this is what she needs to keep her human part alive.

This book is filled with sex, killing, thrills, and action. Yeah, some cussing too. Gotta have a little of that for my readers who want to feel like they’re reading an adult book! Order it now for $0.99 before the price goes up in one week!

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Kindle Countdown Deal: The Empress Challengers of the Empire

Kindle Empress

I have to mention my Countdown Deal for the sequel to my fantasy book, The Empress. Now that the Empress has brought the beast emperor back from the dead, she has to use her powers to protect the Empire from the challengers who are coming to take it from her, not knowing that she is not human.

Learn what she does to keep them from taking what’s not theirs while trying to retain some human part of her that’s left. Starting May 20 till May 27, this Kindle will be marked down to $0.99 at 8 am. Order your copy and enjoy the first book for $0.99 May 22 till May 28.

The Empress

“Pretend You’re Alone” by Pamela A Goodwin

Pretend You're Alone

Good morning on this Monday! I am happy to say that I have finished republishing my books! This is the new cover for my first horror/fiction titled, “Pretend You’re Alone.”

Can you imagine what it would be like, if you were at you’re boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s house for the night, you go upstairs to do something, then when you come back downstairs and walk into the room, you see their dead body laying on the floor with a pool of blood surrounding them?

Yeah, that’s what my character, Donna, experiences with her boyfriend Jerome. But then it gets serious when her boyfriend’s ghost starts showing her that he doesn’t know he’s dead. And he is at her house everyday. All the time. She now has to get over his murder, live with his ghost, separate herself from her friends and family, while trying to believe that she isn’t going crazy.

The scary part isn’t his ghost being at her house. It’s how aggressive he’s become since dying. He killed an intruder at her house. Killed one of her co-workers. And let’s not talk about what he did to the people at the mental hospital, when he broke her out.

This book is $12.99 paperback and $2.99 Kindle. The Kindle version will be ready in about five days, just so you know. Enjoy and thank you!