National Black Book Festival 2016

So I’m here! Houston is feeling good so far and I’m very excited to be here with all the other authors, promoting my books.

My urban fiction, What People Won’t Do, is my pride and joy. Come by Fallbrook Church today and tomorrow for your signed copy of one of my books!



New Book By My Girl!

My Black Men Picking Up Where I Left Off

My home girl, Bugs B. ,has a new book out that is the second to her first “My Black Men”. Congratulations woman!

In her new book, she picks up where she left off talking about the new relationships that she has had. I believe the year is in 2014 where she started the book from. New flames and Old Flames have returned and the way she tries to handle the situation, by taking some of her own advice, is very Admiral of her.

She is truly a woman who lives by her own words. By either giving people another chance, expressing to them how she feels, and also being considerate of their feelings and still trying to be a support system. But as we all know, shit tends to happen. No matter what we try to do or how hard we work at it, some things were just not meant to be the way we wanted them to be.

Her paper bag is available on amazon.com as well as her Kindle version. You can purchase the paperback for $13.99, and the Kindle version is $0.99. Order your copy today and see what experiences you two may have in common in past relationships. And how you may have been able to handle them differently. You can follow her on her Facebook page at: Author, Bugs B.

Nonfiction Read

More Country In The Summer

Would you ever write a book about your memories as a child with your grandma? That is just what this book is. My memories of spending the summer with my grandma. Before my grandma passed away, she had a bad car accident that followed a stroke. She was physically and mentally not the same. There were times that she forgot who her family work. That’s why I decided I wanted to write a book about my memories of being with her. So that they would never ever be forgotten. Always in existence.

This book is great for children of all ages to read as well as adults. Just check out the book trailer and you can see for yourself, the kind of fun I had as a child spending the summer with my grandma on her farm and in her garden. And the best part was all the fishing we did!

This book is available as paperback and also as a Kindle on Amazon. To order a signed copy of this book, you can order it from my website at



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A Good Read For Women And Men

My Black Men by Bugs B

I read this book a while ago and loved it. Not because the author, Bugs B., talks about all the bad things she’s experienced in her past relationships, but because I was able to relate to some of the things she’s experienced. My daughter’s father was physically abusive towards me. One of my exes didn’t care how I felt when he didn’t come home all night. And feeling mistreated. Hell yeah I loved reading this book!

But it wasn’t about all the bad. No no. There’s some good stuff in this book too. Like the sex she had. And when the cop knocked on the car window before they got naked. And when she was being stared at in middle school by a boy who liked her, but he stared at her as if his name was Hannibal Lecter and she was laid out at the dinner table. Too funny!

She also gives a little advice. She helped me to better process my feelings and understand now, what I didn’t then. Her opening up in a book about her relationships made me feel better about mine. Seriously.  Her book was great for me to read. Check it out!! There’s a Kindle version too for $0.99 on Amazon.

Facebook: Author Bugs B

Book Trailer For My Black Men

Don’t Forget The Book Clubs!

Pamela The Author’s Website

Calling all authors! Please! Do not forget about the book clubs!

These are some of the main people you should be reaching out to. Trying to put your book in front of. Especially your local book clubs. You would be surprised at how many are in your city, or near you.

The best thing to do is send them an email, message, a copy of your book, or attend one of their meetings with your book. Sell yourself to them if it looks like they might be interested in what you have to offer them.

The best things for authors, are the local things. I have attended a few local events as a vendor. I set up my table with my books, and sold them to people who were at my table with an interest in my books. I did pretty good too!

Good exposure is best when local. Get your community to support you and show support for your community. A great start. Don’t you think?

Progress Is Slowly Being Made

Pamela The Author’s Website2016120121234299b69d42e3ab8ffb     As a self published author of fiction, a lot of hard work goes in to marketing your work. One technique I commonly use, is leaving my business cards where I go. Hoping that someone will see it then take interest in checking me out. Well, checking my books out.

I received this message today from someone who said, he got my card from SFO. All the travelling I had been doing these past months, I better be leaving business cards around! And it worked!

Book marks. Brochures. Posters. Any little thing with some basic information on it can take a person’s curiosity to the next level. You never know who might stumble on it. I’m very happy and thankful he found my card and looked for himself. Every bit helps a self published author!



Urban Fiction Reading

Urban Fiction Reading

“What People Won’t Do” Urban Fiction

This urban fiction is a deep look into Chancy’s life as a sugar baby, with a rich albino man who has a money hungry mother. Not only does she have to deal with her new sugar daddy, Eamon, she has to deal with his mother, who tries to push and run her away from him.

“The doorbell caught her attention. She closed the top on the grill and ran to the door. She stopped before unlocking the door and pulling it open. She took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves. The thought hit her that maybe she should grab her a shirt to put on so Eamon’s cousin would feel more comfortable. Too late now. Just open the door.

When she opened the door, she saw more than one person on the other side. Two guys. And one woman. One of the guys was standing closer to the door. This one spoke to her.

‘Hey Chancy! Clinton, Eamon’s cousin. How ya doing?’

Giving a smile before unlocking the screen door, she giggled  little bit then pushed the door open as wide as she could. She took a few steps back to let them in then locked the doors. As she did this, the woman looked her up and down in disgust.

‘Who are you?’

Clinton cleared his throat because he knew what was about to happen.

‘Auntie, this is Eamon’s baby, Chancy. Chancy, this is Eamon’s mother. Ezra.’

Feeling like she would throw up on the floor, Chancy tried to breathe and relax herself. Just to hear that this woman in front of her was the same woman causing Eamon so much anger, was not something she was ready for so unexpectedly. Especially with her looking as if she was standing in the wrong house when it was hers. Finally reaching a hand out to greet Ezra, Chancy smiled.

‘Hi, how are you?’

She looked at Chancy’s hand then back at her face. She stood still as she stared at Chancy. It took her three seconds to realize that the woman did not want to greet her physically. She was shocked and confused. Pulling her stranded hand back, she looked at Clinton and started walking back outside to check on the food. Clinton looked at his auntie and made a disappointing face at her. As Chancy walked away looking hurt, Eamon came walking down the stairs. He seen Chancy walking away then noticed his mother. He looked at Chancy’s face and put the missing piece of the puzzle together.”

Order your signed copy from me at https://squareup.com/store/pamela-the-author or download the Kindle on Amazon for 99 cents!