National Black Book Festival 2016

So I’m here! Houston is feeling good so far and I’m very excited to be here with all the other authors, promoting my books.

My urban fiction, What People Won’t Do, is my pride and joy. Come by Fallbrook Church today and tomorrow for your signed copy of one of my books!



Crochet Apparel

Hey hey! How’s it shaken’? So I have really been making the best of thus lock down by crocheting and I have built up my apparel line! It went from beanie hats to ponchos, and now I have throws, baby blankets and market bags.

I recently decided that the Turkish yarn I was gifted would make some great baby dresses. So I will get started on that this week. I am so excited! I now have a lot of products for my website and hope I can reach new potential customers before the weather change. I will be making new shawls in a few months!

Checkout my website and share! I’m sure someone out there would like a crochet baby blanket or beanie hat soon. I do take custom orders and I ship through USPS.                                        pgoodwin535@gmail.com

What a way to shelter in place

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So how is everyone holding out with this shelter-in-place? I have been able to do a lot of crocheting, and I love it! I have been trying new Stitches and designs. I have several shawls and ponchos made and plenty more are in the works! I am so glad I have stockpiled yarn just waiting to be made into something beautiful.


My website looks wonderful with all of my creative creations. I am so happy that I am able to have a place of my own, LOL, to display my beautiful projects. And I cannot wait to create more. Take a visit to my website and see if there’s anything you like. Might as well keep yourself busy with online browsing.


I highly recommend that anyone can take up crocheting. YouTube has been very helpful with teaching me how to create new designs. I’m even getting ready to start creating bags and purses with yarn. Much much more to come!

Put your hobby to work

Yes, I love to crochet! And I got busy with my skill at the end of September in 2019. I realize that the weather was changing and it was being cold. So why not make something people will need to stay warm, and enjoy doing it at the same time?

And here they are. My beautiful creations. I have crocheted lovely beanie hats and beautiful scarves. And I’ve already decided, that I will begin crocheting shawls for the new cold season in this November. I’m going to make sure I have enough merchandise ready for my website.

I’ve even been on YouTube watching videos on new patterns. My favorite ones are the granny squares and what has been called, The Log Cabin pattern. I can’t wait to get started! As soon as I finish this last order of a black and gray beanie hat and scarf set.

Go ahead and visit my website by clicking the highlighted link below and see if there is anything you would like. Towards the end of February, I will be having a sale on my beanie hats.

Beanie Hats To Enjoy

Holiday Shopping 🛍


Shop gifts for the holiday!

Yes! I am very creative! I have been crocheting since I was a little girl. And I finally learned how to crochet beanie hats! I have several designs available on my website. Check it out for something you would like to keep your head warm with, or something you would like to gift to someone. I also have e-cards, so you can purchase a certain amount of money to spend on my site and email it to someone to use. Let them pick out what they would like to purchase. My books, jewelry, piggy banks, and beanie hats are ready for purchase!

And yes, I have a promotion available! Spend $20 or more and save $5 at checkout with promo code SAVE5




Piggy Banks From My Hands

Message_1559356730878Message_1558986534634.jpg   Not only am I an author of fiction books, my creativity goes a long way. I had an idea a few months ago for making clay piggy banks. I love piggy banks myself. It’s an easy way to save that loose change that becomes major doe. And my kids feel rich after theirs has filled up.

After many months of watching videos on how to make clay piggy banks, I decided to go to Michael’s Arts and Crafts to buy my supplies. I will say right now, after seeing the prices of the things I needed, I walked out and bought them online for a lot cheaper.

I’m still learning how to work with the air dry clay. Things start off great with the shape then the clay, still being fresh and soft, starts to lean and sink in. But a friend suggested using balloons to help hold the shape of the pig’s body till it dries. Oh yeah! That REALLY helped! Thanks Jan!

I have a lot of ideas for more banks. This is really fun and relaxing. I hope that people will see my banks and love the creativity. For the ones that are “pre-balloon”, I decided to make them a funny pig. One of them lost it’s shape while it was drying. Instead of throwing it away, I painted on its side, “pay me to get in shape”. Another bank that leaned to the side whike drying, making the legs look funny, I painted on its side, “happy hour funds”, and drew its eyes like it was drunk.

I made the best out of my pigs deformities. Like my coffee mug that also leaned to the side. It was one of my very first clay pieces that did not cone out smooth. I painted on it,”I had a grinding day”. Pretty good huh?

Creativity goes a long way. Especially when you have to improvise. I love my Frankenstein monster piggy banks. They helped me learn how to work with air dry clay and how to increase my creative side and expand my problem solving thinking. Like a puzzle.

Visit my website and see what might catch your eye or be good at catching someone’s liking that you know. Pamela The Author’s Website


Do you ever think to yourself, “Gee, I could REALLY use some help with my fur baby sometimes!” I am a dog walker with Rover and would like to help!


You can sign up with Rover and find a person you trust to care for your dog while you are at work or out of town. And if you use my sign up code below, you get to save $20 on your first service!

Yeah I still write my books of course, but how can I turn down taking a cute dog on a walk?

Thinking about becoming a dog walker? You can do that too. The same link below should help with that as well.


Looking for a dog sitter or walker? Use code “K9PAWS20” to get $20 off your first booking with me on Rover: https://www.rover.com/sit/pamelag31


Save before Black Friday!

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Labor Day Sale on Books!

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Good morning! I am having a Labor Day sale on my website until September 4th! All of my books are $6 each. I do not charge for shipping and there are no sales taxes! Visit my site and choose from fantasy fiction, Urban fiction, horror fiction, and nonfiction. The handmade beaded jewelry are regularly priced. Items ordered will be shipped in 2 days.

New Book Cover!

What did I tell ya? I’m publishing the sequel to my urban fiction, What People Won’t Do, June 15, 2018! It will be available on Amazon for $10.99. I will also have a presale of the book on my site for $6 June 13, after 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. I will have 5 copies available for order, for 5 lucky people! I’m also having a sale for the first book on my site. And just so you know, I do not charge tax or shipping on my site. Order from me and save!

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Father’s Day Sale



Father’s Day Discount!

                       Who Wants $5 Off Their Purchase Of $15 Or More?

As an author of fiction books, I know how it feels to want to buy more than one book. You’re looking at the books stacked up in your arms, or the number on the shopping cart online. You think about saving a little money with all these books you want.

I got you covered! Since this month is Father’s Day, here is a coupon for you to save $5 on my site. I have plenty that might interest you. Urban fiction, fantasy fiction, horror fiction, and a nonfiction too. Oh, I have beaded jewelry on there too. Check it out and see what you might find for you or someone else. You can also buy e-gift cards for my site for yourself or anyone else. Click the link at the top of my website and purchase the amount you want.

Happy month of June!

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